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At Domein Aldenborgh, we make our organic (actually symbiotic) wines with a respect and admiration for nature. We are convinced that fighting diseases or infestation amounts to no more than treating the symptoms…

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Who are we?

Peter Pelzer became involved in viticulture 35 years ago, initially from an interest in plants. What began as a hobby grew into what is now a 3-hectare vineyard. Over the years, he has gained a real…

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Wine cellar

Our wines are born in a marlstone cellar. We harvest not just the grapes, but also the yeast that exists on those grapes. Several weeks before the harvest, we collect several branches to create…

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Nature is our teacher, and we learn more every year. We face additional challenges as time goes by, partly due to climate change resulting in sunburn, extreme heat, and draught. This places…

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Since we do not use chemical or biological pesticides, our vineyard offers nature every change of developing, which translates into a rich soil culture for our vines. In and among the vines…

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Wijn excursie & proeverij! 7 augustus op domein Aldenborgh!

Van bodem tot wijn. 

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Wijnexcursie & proeverij in samenwerking met SlowFood Amsterdam & Kiss the ground 

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