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At Domein Aldenborgh, we make our wines with a respect and admiration for nature. We are convinced that fighting diseases or infestation amounts to no more than treating the symptoms of a larger underlying problem that needs to be addressed; a lack of biodiversity and proper soil management.

Modern viticulture suffers increasingly from disease-related issues such as downy or powdery mildew, and insect pests like spotted wing drosophila. Disease and infestation are often addressed using bio-organic as well as chemical spraying agents. However, fighting insect pests comes at the cost of killing insects that are beneficial to the plant, thereby further reducing biodiversity. And disease control makes use of means that contaminate the soil (such as copper) and that have a notably detrimental effect on soil organisms.

Just as a large part of being able to function as a human being depends on having the right intestinal bacteria, plants severely depend on the micro-organisms around their roots for their functioning. That is why Domein Aldenborgh places such emphasis on improving biodiversity and activity, both overground and underground.

In addition to a nature-inclusive working method that is at the foundation of our estate, our passion is to produce first class wines. In our experience, distinctive and complex wine is created once the grower takes a path of natural growth and produces wine without major intervention.

Studies show that plants that are protected from disease or infestation through the use of pesticides create fewer if any antibodies, since these are no longer needed. In addition, a plant will invest effort into the interaction with micro-organisms (symbiosis) in the soil if presented with nutrition in a form that can be absorbed directly (fertilizer). Nature is intelligent. But antibodies and symbioses lead to more characterful wines, where terroir becomes part of the flavour. Our goal is to allow you to discover the taste of natural wines, and that their production goes hand-in-hand with a more sustainable or, better yet, a more regenerative form of viticulture.

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