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Since we do not use chemical or biological pesticides, our vineyard offers nature every change of developing, which translates into a rich soil culture for our vines. In and among the vines grow numerous plants and trees. Rare songbirds build their nests in the vineyards and feed on a wealth of range of insects. There is even a badger den. Thanks to a respect for nature, our vineyard has a level of biodiversity usually seen in forests.

Major outbreaks of downy or powdery mildew – the key dangers to viticulture in the Dutch climate – are prevented on the one hand by allowing the plant to grow in living soil without forcing it (meaning without fertiliser). On the other hand, we spray a home-made compost extract across our vineyard regularly. The extract contains high levels of fungi and bacteria that prevent downy and powdery mildew from taking hold on the leaves of the plants. This leads to a natural balance that ensures that disease agents cannot get the upper hand. We also improve the plants’ resilience to disease by adding seaweed extract to the compost extract to serve as additional nutrition.

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