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Nature is our teacher, and we learn more every year. We face additional challenges as time goes by, partly due to climate change resulting in sunburn, extreme heat, and draught. This places additional emphasis on the careful selection of grape varieties for new cultivation. In addition, these challenges further stress the importance of healthy soil: A soil covered with plants, where humus formation takes place, and where water and nutrition can be stored and buffered.

This is why Domein Aldenborgh is engaged in the establishment of 3 new hectares at an Arbustum: an orchard-vineyard where Turkish hazel is intended to provide support for grapevines. The trees transport water to the higher layers of soil, create soil life, and offer some shade in summer. In addition, we use the trees to imitate the natural habitat of the grapevine: the forest’s edge. In coming years, we will continue to work on further adjusting meadow management in terms of mowing and planting to further benefit the increase of insect populations.

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