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Eyra Pinot Gris Brut




Eyra Pinot Gris Brut

The name Eyra originates from old Norse and means something like fortress. During the times of Charlemagne, there actually was a fortress near the Aldenborgh vineyard and the nearby village was called Eyra, which later became Eys. A beautifully designed bottle with a sparkling wine made by the traditional method with the 2nd bottled fermentation.

A blend of 2010, 2011, and 2015 vintages of solely Pinot Gris grapes providing quite a rare combination of grapes and method. Despite the older vintages, the wine is surprisingly sprightly. There are still hints of stone fruit and citrus but it is mostly the herbal aromas (such as dill and bay leaves) that stand out. Silky bubbles with low alcohol content, yet also a full-bodied wine with a refreshing aftertaste.

When this Eyra is first decanted and left to rest for a moment, the wine will really reveal its identity and you can experience its full complexity. The Eyra is a wonderful table wine that goes well with a broad range of dishes such as salads, fish, crustaceans and shellfish, but it also offers a surprising contrast with white meat.

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